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RSF klasifikācija 4 sp. kl. 15-16.10.2016

Last update 16.10.2016 11:44:41, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1Anohins Jaromirs IVLAT0A.Raudive
2Azi Arturs IVLAT0A.Reznikovs
3Beinarts Martins IVLAT0Ni Polina
4Birjukovs Ilja IVLAT0Ni Polina
5Gailums Andrejs IVLAT0A.Raudive
6Jakimovics Nikolas IVLAT0A.Raudive
7Kalijeva Emilija IVLAT0A.Reznikovs
8Krasovskis Arsenijs IVLAT0
9Masi Kristofers IVLAT0A.Reznikovs
10Petrovs Arsenijs IVLAT0A.Raudive