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Nordic Senior Championship S50 + S65 combined

Last update 30.10.2016 14:32:15, Creator/Last Upload: jouni lehtivaara

Starting rank

1IMRødgaard John7200013FAI23380S50
2GMWesterinen Heikki500020FIN23022322S65SalSK
3Keto Hannu510122FIN20962070S65EurSK
4Linqvist Grels501590FIN20592054S50VSS
5Finnlaugsson Gunnar1701550ISL20240S65
6Rantanen Veikko506770FIN19701904S65AkaaS
7Karppinen Martti507369FIN19151876S50LahS
8Auvinen Esa501069FIN18941823S65LoimSK
9Hall Raimo508144FIN18821884S65HSK
10Mikkonen Harri508411FIN18771946S50AkaaS
11Patola Eero504092FIN18621798S65KäpSK
12Jonsson Sigurdur H2302713ISL18500S65
13Norevall Ulf1705555SWE17440S65