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South Wales Autumn Open

Last update 09.10.2016 19:22:04, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1FMToczek Grzegorz1106457POL2235
2Jones Steven A419630ENG2215
3Bullen Alex1801627WLS2046
4Pleasants Allan J411337WLS2027
5Bevan Peter M1800345WLS1961
6Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1952
7Whitehead Mark A406716ENG1930
8James Dai1801155WLS1897
9White Ernest M408590WLS1889
10WCMRoberts Lynda1800191WLS1881
11Mccarthy Damian422240ENG1878
12Haigh Tony1802569WLS1804
13Jukes Sam1803182WLS1699
14Trickey Andrew1802356WLS1638
15Williams David J1803565WLS1531