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South Wales Autumn Major

Last update 09.10.2016 19:27:22, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Williams Stephen1803140WLS1712
2Thomas Roy1803190WLS1711
3Hurn Robert Aj1801929WLS1620
4Jones Jeremy1801937WLS1600
5Penny Liam1803956WLS1595
6Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1587
7Hughes Beryl1800787WLS1503
8Chong KimberlyWLS1482
9Bennett ThomasWLS1464
10Davies Gareth1803689WLS1444
11Cox John1803905WLS1441
12Bonutto Stephen1804260WLS1417
13Smith George1804588WLS1412
14Jaberansari Daniel1804499WLS1370
15O'Rourke Kevin1802151WLS1328