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Int. Chess Holiday 2009 R2

Last update 02.08.2009 20:29:43, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

2Zdenek PetrCZE2090
14Barotek MartinCZE1975
12Barton MilanCZE1953
13Cisarik PavolSVK1894
1Macik JanCZE1802
4Ahlers GeroldGER1657
6Fiedler EduardGER1634
11Zikmund JanCZE1530
9Hartlaub MarianneGER1512
5Stoll RichardGER1500
3Werbe HansCZE1304
8Goepfart DietrichGER1295
7Ruthsatz AlbertGER1293
10Havlik RichardCZE1278
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