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Olaine Chess club Open Rapid Chess Championship 4 stage 2016

Last update 09.10.2016 14:15:32, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank

1MKLaizans Aivars11603348LAT2092Riga
2MKCimins Alberts11601787LAT2078Riga
3MKBekasovs Rihards11606029LAT2021U14Riga
4MKNemkovs Vjaceslavs11602180LAT1928S65Jelgava
5WFMUngure Liga11600330LAT1895wS50Riga
6IVaicuks Jazeps11608692LAT1838S65Olaine
7ICiekurs Maris11606258LAT1760Riga
8IVisnevskis Valdis11608161LAT1722S50Kekava
9ISkujins Juris11603763LAT1666S65Olaine
10IOsmolovskis Dmitrijs11610590LAT1581S50Olaine
11IPizelis Peteris11610360LAT1566S65Jelgava
12IIRupais Gustavs11614854LAT1750U08Riga
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