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Last update 18.10.2016 21:38:26, Creator/Last Upload: aeliens

Player overview for ESP

58IMAlvarado Diaz Alejandro2425ESP10½1001104,564231010-11,30Master

Results of the last round for ESP

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMBatsiashvili Nino2480 1 - 0 IMAlvarado Diaz Alejandro2425

Player details for ESP

IM Alvarado Diaz Alejandro 2425 ESP Rp:2310 Pts. 4,5
1123Thomson Neil2002SCO3,0s 10,920,08100,80
221GMHowell David W L2644ENG6,5w 00,22-0,2210-2,20
3100Wallace Paul2210IRL3,5s ½0,77-0,2710-2,70
491FMGungl Theo2257GER3,0w 10,720,28102,80
523GMGupta Abhijeet2626IND5,5s 00,24-0,2410-2,40
6103FMLyell Mark2190ENG3,5w 00,79-0,7910-7,90
7118Harari Zaki2061ENG3,5s 10,900,10101,00
882FMKarthik Venkataraman2317IND4,5w 10,650,35103,50
944IMBatsiashvili Nino2480GEO5,5s 00,42-0,4210-4,20