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ASEAN Age Group Under - 10 Girls

Last update 26.06.2005 08:26:25, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Chelsie Monica SinagaINA0
2Chua Ai-Xin EsseSGP0
3Chua Yee TengMAS0
4Do Hoang Minh ThoVIE0
5Ho En-Huei DanielleSGP0
6Ira Kartika Dewi SabliBRU0
7Koh Su-En AbigailSGP0
8Le Thanh Phuong UyenVIE0
9Ng Chi-Wen KrysiaSGP0
10Ng Wan Yun DeborahSGP0
11Ng Zhi-Mei CharmaineSGP0
12Nguyen Ngoc Thanh TraVIE0
13Nguyen Ngoc Thuy TrangVIE0
14Nguyen Tran Ngoc ThuyVIE0
15Pham Hong MinhVIE0
16Than Htike SanMYA0
17Vuong Quynh HuongVIE0