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ASEAN Age Group Under - 8 Open

Last update 26.06.2005 08:25:50, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Assegaf Kurnia SandiINA0
2Chen Kai-BinSGP0
3Chew Wen-Jie RaphaelSGP0
4Chia Cheng Yi AloysiusSGP0
5Jaisingh RahulSGP0
6Khusal ShahMAS0
7Le Huu ThaiVIE0
8Lim De-Dao LinsonSGP0
9Lim De-Li DerekSGP0
10Lu Chan HungVIE0
11Muhammad HakimiMAS0
12Muhammad Nabil FadhlillahBRU0
13Musa KadzimINA0
14Ong Jun-Xue CalvinSGP0
15Tran Tuan MinhVIE0