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2016 Witney Rapidplay Junior Minor

Last update 25.09.2016 18:38:37, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Anand Tejas49None
2Balbus David46Oxfordshire Juniors
3Sikaria Om45Brookfield School
4Kardashyan David40Oxford
5Chetverikov Ivan28Trinity Road
6Hertog Alexander27Oxfordshire Juniors
7Hidouci Naila12Brookfield Primary
8Harkness Ben7New College School
9Arora Tashika0None
10Christiensen Idun0Wantage Junior
11Conlon Alexander0None
12Kendall Cecilia0Headington School
13Lambert Charlie0None
14Murawski Jan0None
15O'farrell Kian0Lynch Hill
16Wiratunga Lineth0Cowley
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