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2016 Witney Rapidplay Senior

Last update 25.09.2016 18:38:08, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Coates Kenneth G409391193Crowthorne
2Hackett Dave191Witney
3Hayward Philip T20672870183Oxford City
4Stevens Gareth162Cumnor
5Cole James431818160Magdalen College School
6Foster Cyril160Cowley
7Edwards Derek F157Witney
8Priestley Stephen157None
9Viscu Catalin434671156Cowley
10Reid Patrick155
11Cole Graham L431559153Magdalen College School
12Staples Neil424641153Banbury
13Panicker Rajagopal150Cowley
14Neatherway Phil149Abingdon
15Weston Richard4304039147Cowley
16Bush Ian447218146Mcs Blackbirds
17Varney Daniel431753146Cumnor
18Mate Maria758981144None
19Maydew Simon431699143Newport
20Beckett Richard436518140Bicester
21Sheremetyeva Elizaveta433608138Witney
22Shepherd Tom137Magdelene College School
23Fowler Jonathan135Cheltenham
24Rowan Daniel431737133Banbury
25Macarthur Duncan M449083132Keynsham
26Mcleod Mark114None
27Gilders Ian107Witney
28Brooke Ian R430889105Oxford City
29Ives Marc100Cumnor
30Coates Christine40754299Crowthorne
31Young Duncan H86Oxford
32Luke John71Oxford City
33Cherupalli Ramprasad154
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