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Elm Mount Club Championships Section B 2016

Last update 22.09.2016 21:07:28, Creator/Last Upload: pat fitzsimons

Starting rank list of players

9Melaugh GavinIRL1683Elm Mount
1Fitzsimons PatIRL1533Elm Mount
3Goss AlexIRL1505Elm Mount
8O' Beirne FeargalIRL1501Phibsborough
2Peters AndrewIRL1489Elm Mount
6Murphy AdamIRL1470Naomh Barrog
5Summons-Walsh KevinIRL1450Elm Mount
7Fitzpatrick TomIRL1414Phibsborough
4McMorrow EugeneIRL1404Elm Mount
10Donohoe EugeneIRL1369Lucan