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Int. Chess Holiday 2009 H11

Last update 24.07.2009 16:09:59, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

1Veselsky JanCZE17150SK Smichov
8Istel OldrichCZE17060Praga Praha
6Harasta FrantisekCZE16890Oaza Praha
3Hlavac JiriCZE16440Sokol Vrsovice
4Polifka WilfriedGER16280 Monheim
9Sandhall HenrikSWE15640Schackalen
5Gericke GrantCZE15560Mahrla Praha
10Lindberg CarolineSWE15500Schckalen
7Mena DanielSWE15360Schackalen
2Roeder DetlefGER00Wernshausen
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