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Autumn tournament in Etud (top-group)

Last update 02.12.2016 11:03:35, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

5Larina Tatiana44102070RUS1616
4Iakushkov Pavel24250597RUS1378
6AFMAnchikova Olga54115655RUS1343
7Lazutkina Maria54138523RUS1311
1Potapov Timofey54137730RUS1272
12Potapov Andrey54137721RUS1199
3Biskup Elizaveta24272884RUS1165
9Barinov Konstantin24254991RUS1149
8Khakimullin Artur54138108RUS1147
2Vyugova Darya44173679RUS1108
11Biskup Stepan24272892RUS0
10Lebedev Andrey24250635RUS0
13Limonova Aleksandra54138531RUS0
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