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World Cadets U8, U10, U12 Championships 2016 Open U12

Last update 30.10.2016 12:44:45, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Player overview for den

4FMBjerre Jonas2375DEN11110½01½107,01710-17,70Open U12

Results of the last round for den

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Skatchkov Valery21047 1 - 07 FMBjerre Jonas2375

Player details for den

FM Bjerre Jonas 2375 DEN Rp:2204 Pts. 7,0
172Papunidi Matvey1818BLR6,0w 1100,80
241Jahedi Mani2004IRI6,5s 1101,00
333Eynullayev Altay2042AZE6,5w 1101,20
413CMUzumcu Ahmet Utku2149TUR8,0s 1102,10
51IMPraggnanandhaa R2442IND8,5w 010-4,10
66Hong Andrew Z2296USA8,5w ½10-1,10
714CMOzenir Ekin Baris2133TUR6,5s 010-8,00
834Petkov Momchil2040BUL7,0w 1101,20
929Larkin Vladislav2057UKR6,5s ½10-3,70
1036Cohen Revivo Shoham2035ISR6,5w 1101,20
1120Skatchkov Valery2104RUS8,0s 010-8,30
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