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Gisslehamn Open 2016 Mästarklassen

Last update 03.09.2016 17:57:40, Creator/Last Upload: scandinavian-chess-tournament

Starting rank list of players

3FMLindberg Bo 19841705997SWE2419Team Viking
4IMJohansson Jan1700103SWE2350Upsala ASS
1IMOrnstein Axel1700111SWE2312Eksjö SK
2FMGrandell Anders1709771SWE2291Team Viking
8CMCederberg Karl-Olof1703498SWE2181Upsala ASS
6CMJohansson Carl Fredrik1701576SWE2082Upsala ASS
5Pantzar Milton1721003SWE1853Team Viking
9Arfwedson Peter513199FIN1833Ă…lands SK
10Petersson Baldur Teodor2309157SWE1790Team Viking
7Eriksson Bo E1725491SWE1699SS Delectus