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Arab World Chess Champioship U10 boys /2009

Last update 14.07.2009 00:49:42, Creator: syrian chess federation,Last Upload: royal jordanian chess federation

Starting rank

1Ahmed AbdoYEM0
2Alali MohamadSYR0
3Arezki NacerALG0
4Assad JomardSYR0
5Belkhouja ZiedTUN0
6Alhoussein AhmmadSYR0
7Ghadanfar WaddahSYR0
8Mawied HaniPLE0
9Mikati OmarLBN0
10Nabil BahaJOR0
11Rashidi Mayed AliUAE0
12Al- Rumaihi MohammedQAT0
13Taha Ali SanIRQ0
14Youssef MarkEGY0