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Arab World Championship U14 Girle/ 2009

Last update 14.07.2009 00:45:41, Creator: syrian chess federation,Last Upload: royal jordanian chess federation

Starting rank

1Abu- Ghania YasmeenJOR0
2Al houssari BayianSYR0
3Assi HanenSYR0
4Alshaeby BoshraJOR0
5Ghalia DalyTUN0
6Lalaoui FerialALG0
7Jehad AishaUAE1580
8Alhaj youssef MadaSYR0
9Alkaseir RoaaSYR0
10WFMNuoman AmnaUAE1683
11Mahmoud ReemUAE0
12Zin MarwaYEM0