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Arab World Championship U 14 Boys / 2009

Last update 13.07.2009 13:31:21, Creator: syrian chess federation,Last Upload: royal jordanian chess federation

Starting rank

1FM Altarboush WardSYR2173
2FMEitti BasheirSYR1786
3Jaweesh AmrLBN2079
4Othman Thi YazanYEM1949
5Alattar RakanJOR1916
6Ali NassrALG1822
7FMAdam AramSYR0
8Ben Ammar MohamedTUN0
9Girgis MenaEGY0
10Alhaj Ali AbdullahUAE0
11Qandel AhmadPLE0
12Khaleifeh AdnanSYR0
13Najarian NaregLBN0
14Mohsin SalimIRQ0