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2016 South Wales Summer Major

Last update 30.08.2016 12:57:43, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Livermore RichardWLS1631
2Penny LiamWLS1595
3Jones JeremyWLS1589
4Cox JohnWLS1483
5Chong KimberleyWLS1482
6Hammett ScottWLS1468
7Bonutto StephenWLS1454
8Roberts DavidWLS1421
9Watkins PeterWLS1415
10Davies GarethWLS1378
11Jaberansari DanielWLS1265
12Chung DanielWLS1143
13Chung JoelWLS1097
14Penny CallumWLS1050
15Christmas RosieWLS927
16Jaberansari BenjaminWLS850
17Rees MorganWLS0
18Roberts KieronWLS0