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XVIII Open Internacional d'escacs de Sants, Hostafrancs i la Bordeta Grup A Code: 139025

Last update 04.09.2016 16:20:16, Creator/Last Upload: josep m jordan garcia

Player info

NameTAYLOR William J
Starting rank250
Rating national0
Rating international1993
Performance rating2108
FIDE rtg +/-27,4
Club/CityWest is best
Year of birth 1989


18282FMOLIVARES CANELLES Francisco23140CUB6,0s ½
281106SHATKO Danil22482255CATBellvitge Entitat6,0w ½
387129WFMGARCIA-CASTANY MUSELLAS Gal.L22132165CATColon Sabadell Chessy5,5s 0
4104143MKPOVILL CLAROS Xavier21942186CATPeona I Peo, C.E.5,5w 0
5138311LINDBLOM Roar18490NORAsker Schakklubb4,0s 1
6105175ANDREONI Giuseppe21400ITAAccademia Scacchi Milano4,5w 0
7128308ALCARAZ LOPEZ Francesc18521873CATFoment Martinenc C.E.3,5s 1
893133MKCANAL OLIVERAS Joan22042210CATCatalunya C.E.3,0w 1
983153JEITZ Christian21730LUXTSP Bieles5,0s ½
1081103MKVENTURA BOLET Maxim22502214CATVila OlĂ­mpica, C.E.5,0w 0
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