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Bahamas Junior Chess Championship 2016

Last update 15.08.2016 02:15:48, Creator/Last Upload: bahamas chess federation

Starting rank

1Hanna Jr Philip10400559BAH1684
2WCMKarelina Polina10400222BAH1638
3CMSmith Nathan61400220BAH1611
4Stuart Luke10400788BAH1610
5WCMJohnson Daijah10400591BAH1549
6Strachan Ivoine10400842BAH1176
7Knowles SeanBAH1173
8Pinder Trinity10400818BAH1114
9Merone DenoBAH1003
10Sheppard JohnathanBAH1000
11Edmond Davonaye10400877BAH924
12Victor MikelloBAH851
13Clarke AdamBAH765