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3. Int. Bodensee-OPEN 2017

Last update 31.05.2017 09:53:49, Creator: vbg. schachverband (ing. baumberger),Last Upload: herzog

Player overview for NOR

20Johnsen Gunnar2203NOR½1101½1½16,510
24WIMSahl Sheila Barth2170NOR1101100116,018

Results of the last round for NOR

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
91042FMMojzis Jaroslav2090 0 - 1 Johnsen Gunnar220320
92038Sydow Hardy21175 0 - 15 WIMSahl Sheila Barth217024

Player details for NOR

Johnsen Gunnar 2203 NOR Rp:2122 Pts. 6,5
191Härdi Heinz1817SUI3,5s ½
2129Ramesh Varsha1267IND3,5w 1
345Jenal Jürg2079SUI5,0s 1
441Sarmir Milos2096SVK5,5w 0
558Moosbrugger Alexander1963AUT4,5s 1
652Pfister Peter2055SUI5,0w ½
730Fauth Dietmar Dr.2141GER5,5s 1
839Tolhuizen Ludo2115NED6,0w ½
942FMMojzis Jaroslav2090CZE5,5s 1
WIM Sahl Sheila Barth 2170 NOR Rp:2207 Pts. 6,0
1114Flir Emilio1667AUT4,5s 1
262Hehle Bernhard1932AUT4,5w 1
33GMTeske Henrik2492GER7,0s 0
460Sikkel Dirk1953NED4,0w 1
543Giesinger Elias2089SUI5,5s 1
67IMKuijf Marinus2368NED6,5w 0
742FMMojzis Jaroslav2090CZE5,5s 0
852Pfister Peter2055SUI5,0w 1
938Sydow Hardy2117GER5,0s 1