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42nd Olympiad Baku 2016 Open

Last update 13.09.2016 15:08:44, Creator: herzog,Last Upload: irma und werner stubenvoll

Team composition for federation nor

12. NOR (RtgAvg:2654, Captain:Tisdall Jonathan D)
1GMCarlsen Magnus2857NOR1503014
2GMHammer Jon Ludvig2651NOR1503707
3GMTari Aryan2570NOR1510045
4GMUrkedal Frode2537NOR1506102
5IMGetz Nicolai2445NOR1505572
48. NOR (RtgAvg:2137, Captain:Hansen Torbjorn Ringdal)
1WIMSahl Sheila Barth2181NOR1500953
2WGMDolzhikova Olga2167NOR14105870
3WIMHagesather Ellen2139NOR1501909
4Machlik Edit2056NOR1513591
5Machlik Monika2060NOR1513621
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