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DECODA Primary Schools Individual Chess Tournament(Under 12) City Parents School

Last update 31.07.2016 13:24:57, Creator/Last Upload: ugandachess

Starting rank

1Kanyike VictorUGA1800St. Marcelino Academy
2Habimaana AnthonyUGA1400Africa Junior School
3Nakanyike MariaUGA1400Africa Junior School
4Abenakyo PeninahUGA0Real Quality Junior School
5Ahebwa HolineUGA0Real Quality Junior School
6Aine AlvinUGA0City Parents School
7Aine AnandiUGA0City Parents School
8Ainoimugisha GorettUGA0Real Quality Junior School
9Akwankwasa MichealUGA0Real Quality Junior School
10Ampiire EdgarUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
11Ashaba MarvinUGA0Real Quality Junior School
12Asingwire KevinUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
13Atim ElizabethUGA0City Parents School
14Atuhaire RyanUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
15Atuhaire SteciaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
16Ayeta Alvin NUGA0Kitante Primary School
17Babirye HopeUGA0Africa Junior School
18Baguma Diane HeavensUGA0Real Quality Junior School
19Bakatadde EricUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
20Bazanye StuartUGA0
21Bbosa ProsperUGA0Africa Junior School
22Beyongyera LevisUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
23Bukeka IanUGA0City Parents School
24Bukenya GilbertUGA0Real Quality Junior School
25Buwembo JeremiahUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
26David CharlesUGA0Africa Junior School
27Galabuzi TravisUGA0Real Quality Junior School
28Irakazi FortunateUGA0City Parents School
29Jjaggwe HassanUGA0Real Quality Junior School
30Jjunju HuzaifahUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
31Jjunju JoelUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
32Kabugo ShallomUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
33Kairu JacobUGA0Kitante Primary School
34Kaita PercyUGA0
35Kakinda DerrickUGA0Real Quality Junior School
36Kakooza Georger WilliamUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
37Kalyango ErisUGA0Africa Junior School
38Karamaji ChristianUGA0Greenhill Academy
39Katana ImranUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
40Katende KevinUGA0Kitante Primary School
41Kato SymeonUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
42Kavuma JoashUGA0Real Quality Junior School
43Kayanja ElijahUGA0Kitante Primary School
44Kembabazi YvonneUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
45Kiberenga PrinceUGA0Real Quality Junior School
46Kiribakka JulietUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
47Kirinya NelsonUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
48Kirumira UmarUGA0Kitante Primary School
49Kisiira JoanUGA0Africa Junior School
50Kizito KyambaddeUGA0Africa Junior School
51Kuuku StuartUGA0Africa Junior School
52Lamula TimothyUGA0Real Quality Junior School
53Luti ArnoldUGA0Kitante Primary School
54Lwantale OlgaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
55Maniina AbrahamUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
56Mayanja IsaacUGA0Real Quality Junior School
57Mesigwa DavidUGA0Africa Junior School
58Mubiru PhillipUGA0Africa Junior School
59Mugisha EdrineUGA0Africa Junior School
60Mukiibi LawrenceUGA0St. Marcelino Academy
61Mukiibi OscarUGA0Active Angel Primary School
62Mulinde ElvisUGA0Africa Junior School
63Murungi HishamUGA0Kitante Primary School
64Musaasizi AmeliaUGA0Real Quality Junior School
65Muwakanya ChristineUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
66Mwangala JoshuaUGA0Namirembe Parents
67Mwesigwa EricUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
68Nabakulanyi TabithaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
69Nabaweesi MariaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
70Nabukenya LinnetUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
71Nabyazima ChristineUGA0Real Quality Junior School
72Najjumba Linnet MaryUGA0Real Quality Junior School
73Nakamatte ZaharahUGA0Africa Junior School
74Nakiri AshleyUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
75Nakitto Joy JoviaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
76Nakyambadde ShifrahUGA0Africa Junior School
77Naluswa JoelUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
78Namakula SheillahUGA0Real Quality Junior School
79Nambago Derrick AmosUGA0Africa Junior School
80Namirimu HappyUGA0Namirembe Parents
81Namwanje DaniellahUGA0Africa Junior School
82Nannono SteciaUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
83Nanyange ShinahUGA0City Parents School
84Nimanya KarenUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
85Nsanja MahadiUGA0Real Quality Junior School
86Nsereko BenardUGA0Africa Junior Academy
87Nsereko RyanUGA0Active Angel Primary School
88Nsingrankabo HamuzaUGA0Kitante Primary School
89Nsubuga David HUGA0Africa Junior School
90Nyamutale AshirafUGA0St. Marcelino Academy
91Nyesiga AndrewUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
92Nzaramba JackUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
93Omolo PeterUGA0Kitante Primary School
94Omondi MalcolmUGA0Kitante Primary School
95Srisha SatishUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
96Ssejjibwa MosesUGA0Real Quality Junior School
97Ssekate MeddieUGA0Real Quality Junior School
98Ssekayi TitusUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
99Ssekitoleko JimmyUGA0Africa Junior School
100Ssemiyanga JeremiahUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
101Tendo EmmanuelUGA0Agha Khan Academy
102Tumusiime ElvisUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
103Victor TrevorUGA0Africa Junior School
104Wamala MorganUGA0Africa Junior School
105Wassajja DaltonUGA0
106Wasswa SolomonUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School