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Bray Chess Championship Minor

Last update 01.09.2016 01:55:37, Creator/Last Upload: debornie

Starting rank

1Cullen SeanIRL1439
2Liddy StephenIRL1411
3Byrne Patrick LIRL1387
4Conlon TomIRL1321
5O'Reilly P.JIRL1300
6McKenna JeromeIRL1287
7Corcoran AlanIRL1274
8Honner MervynIRL1256
9Carroll PeterIRL1219
10Ostapczuk MarekIRL1175
11Holohan FrankIRL1157
12Curran PeterIRL1096
13Murray SamIRL1084
14Farrell Liam DIRL1082
15Taylor HughIRL1080
16Gaughan AllenIRL1023
17Denard VincentIRL896