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Maltco Candidates 2016

Last update 25.07.2016 23:31:11, Creator/Last Upload: malta chess federation

Starting rank

1CMZerafa Patrick5600375MLT2071
2CMZerafa Robert5600618MLT2061
3Sammut Briffa Peter5600200MLT2049
4Darmanin Jake5601061MLT2001
5Said Oliver5600405MLT1960
6Psaila Mario5600731MLT1873
7Richards John5600030MLT1796
8Demanuele Alfred5602033MLT1789
9WCMThornton Filipina5600464MLT1753
10Caruana George5600570MLT1753
11WFMFarrugia Jamie5600898MLT1641
12Sammut Ron5600260MLT1634
13Buhagiar Luke5601711MLT1592
14Farrugia Alex5601100MLT1587
15Grech Matthew5601762MLT1579
16Conti Matthew5600987MLT1550
17Licari Claude5601746MLT1496