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North Wales Open

Last update 03.07.2016 19:47:58, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Dineley Richard1800680WLS2259
2Jones Steven A419630ENG2186
3Blackburn Joathan Lb1801090WLS2183
4Jameson David1801538WLS2125
5De Coverly Roger D405213ENG2082
6Vidler Michael1804596WLS2062
7Van Kemenade Rudy410942WLS2007
8Bryant Richard B E407267ENG1994
9Wells Jonathan C420549ENG1992
10Doran Chris503835ENG1987
11Bennion David1800825WLS1965
12Adebajo Olufemi414883ENG1932
13Shakespeare John1802348WLS1928
14Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1922
15Mcdonagh Michael434779ENG1901
16Lochte Szilvia708410HUN1876
17Carr Steven443840ENG1873
18Guy David1800337WLS1870
19Forster James C14309343RSA1841
20Greatorex Roger420131ENG1827
21Betts Richard445118ENG1802
22Wilson Matthew R423459ENG1772
23Camp Imogen A L1802240WLS1726
24Van Kemenade Julie402796WLS1726
25McKusker Andrew2404281SCO1653
26Kirkwood Robin1800990WLS1632
27Rahulan Thivyaa431940ENG1378