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Irish Championship 2016

Last update 10.07.2016 18:37:19, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Jessel StephenIRL2304
2Daly ColmIRL2262
3Delaney KillianIRL2141
4O'Connell GerardIRL2015
5MacElligott GerardIRL1984
6Butler KevinIRL1981
7Fox AnthonyIRL1959
8Keogh EamonIRL1930
9Mirza DianaIRL1916
10Scott LukeIRL1862
11Beatty RossIRL1847
12Tirziman RudolfIRL1838
13Thee BerndIRL1832
14O'Neill PaulIRL1785
15Melaugh ShaneIRL1776
16Haque Mustakim-UlIRL1704