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Last update 30.06.2016 04:54:39, Creator/Last Upload: arsenicum

Starting rank

1Faas A4107470RUS2270
2Fabbri Mario801330ITA2180
3D Andrea Stefano826715ITA2095
4Fabbri Alexander R2055112USA2085
5Faas Dominik24666777GER2080
6D Alfonso Nicola819620ITA1999
7D Andrea Leonardo3005232URU1995
8D Albini Geza710814HUN1990
9F.M. Obaida Nipun10205934BAN1962
10D Andrea Carlo817244ITA1955
11D Andrea Walter141798ARG1881
12D Adamo Miguel Angel131482ARG1874
13D Amato Piergiorgio821373ITA1844
14Fabbri Massimo842249ITA1771
15D Angiola Mario131733ARG1688
16Fabana Tibor14935821SVK1558
17Faal Mohammad Reza12540552IRI1525
18F Ritesh5077826IND1441