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AZE Youth Chess Olympiad -2016 , O-12, Balakan

Last update 30.07.2016 16:22:49, Creator/Last Upload: guliyev_shaig

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Malikov Farid1735AZE 65w1122b1 18w1 13b1 5w1 3b1 6w½ 2b0 62w1 9w1 10b19,585,570,59
2Ilyasli Ughur1847AZE123b1192w1 64b1 28w1 24b1 17w0 13b1 1w1 6b½ 5w1 9b19,581,567,59
3Aliyev Toghrul1401AZE121b1 59w1 39b1 82w1 21b1 1w0 18b½ 67w1 4b½ 22w1 6b19,081,566,58
4Mamedov Elgun1800AZE248b1 15w½ 80b1 69w1 7b0 54w1 38w1 23b1 3w½ 21b1 12w19,079,566,08
5Israilov Agil1388AZE137b1 87w1 43b1 16w1 1b0 40w1 27b1 11w1 7b½ 2b0 18w18,584,069,08
6Seyidov Ibrahim1565AZE157w1142b1 36w1 25b1 57w1 11b1 1b½ 17w½ 2w½ 18b1 3w08,582,068,07
7CMSuleymanli Suleyman1699AZE158w1 68b1 78w1 12b0 4w1 36b1 62w½ 20b1 5w½ 8b½ 24b18,580,566,57
8Abdulkarimli Eljan1800AZE247b1 19w0129b1 46w1 41b1119w1 14b0 81w1 30b1 7w½ 17b18,574,061,58
9Ahadzade Hajiali1674AZE136b½ 53w1 22w1127b1 42w½ 14b1 12w1 24b1 10w1 1b0 2w08,083,068,07
10Guliyev Ali1410AZE133b1 34w1 40b1 62w1 11b0 45w1 17b1 21w1 9b0 36w1 1w08,081,066,08
11Aghayev Nariman1357AZE106w1 55b1 83w1 27b1 10w1 6w0 39b1 5b0 40w1 12b0 45w18,080,566,08
12Mirzali Malik1314AZE160b1 50w1 61b1 7w1 17b0128w1 9b0 46w1 39b1 11w1 4b08,079,565,58
13Khalilli Elnur1318AZE116b1 48w1 66b1 1w0 92b1122w1 2w0 16b0142w1 52b1 55w18,077,062,58
14Mammadaliyev Farhad1508AZE138b1 94w1 19b½ 38w1 63b1 9w0 8w1 62b0 45w½ 41b1 42w18,076,562,57
15Suleymanov Yagub1402AZE161w1 4b½ 84w1 63b½ 86w1 49b1 20w½ 18w0 19b½ 39w1 36b18,076,062,06
16Verdiyev Namig2000AZE200b1118w1 23b1 5b0 37w0151w1 74b1 13w1 24w½ 62b1 26w½8,073,561,57
17Mustafayev Aykhan1411AZE139w1155b1 49w1 85b1 12w1 2b1 10w0 6b½ 18w0 32b1 8w07,581,066,57
18Garayev Ilyas2000AZE108b1111w1 1b0186w1 88b1 37w1 3w½ 15b1 17b1 6w0 5b07,580,566,57
19Ismayilov Huseyn2000AZE102w1 8b1 14w½ 20b½124w1 26b½ 25w½ 37b½ 15w½ 27b½ 76w17,579,565,54
20Dostuzada Ruslan1211AZE135b1 31w1 79b½ 19w½ 33b1 50w1 15b½ 7w0 43w½ 78b1 21w½7,578,564,55
21Akhundova Nargiz1322AZE228w1143b1215w1 26b1 3w0 51b1 22w1 10b0 78w1 4w0 20b½7,578,064,07
22Valiyev Shahin1800AZE152b1 44w1 9b0 87w1 52b1 72w1 21b0 41w1 42w1 3b0 25w½7,577,563,57
23Aliyev Natik1427AZE165w1 35b1 16w0 79w1 43b1 78b0 33w1 4w0 94b1 40w½ 37b17,576,062,57
24Akbarov Aydin1372AZE195w1 47b1 86w1134b1 2w0 83b1 78w1 9w0 16b½ 38b1 7w07,576,062,57
25Mammadov Farid1269AZE 91b1 81w1219b1 6w0 66b½ 31w1 19b½ 39w0 50b1 43w1 22b½7,574,062,06
26Abasov Yusif1424AZE141b1128w1 41b1 21w0 77b1 19w½ 67b0 44w1 52b½ 46w1 16b½7,574,061,06
27Sadigov Mahammad1800AZE213b1119w1 30b1 11w0 64b1 42b1 5w0 79w1 36b0 19w½ 85b17,573,061,07
28Zuqanov Ali1342AZE147w1 51b1 92w1 2b0 83w0 97b½127w1 68b1 49w1 37b½ 33w½7,573,058,56
29Guliyeva Fatima1700AZE223b1 32w1 62w0 78b0148w1104b1 46b0 72w1 66b1 81w1 30w½7,568,057,57
30Guliyeva Leyla1254AZE227w1109b1 27w0 51b0158w1140b1192w1101b1 8w0 92w1 29b½7,568,055,07
31Tarverdiyev Ali1800AZE210w1 20b0145w1 54w½ 69b1 25b0 98w1 38b0176w1101b1 62w17,567,055,57
32Budagova Leyla1218AZE174w1 29b0165w1 50b0157w1109b1142w1 43b½ 83w1 17w0 74b17,566,554,57
33Gulizada Vali1800AZE242w1125b1 85w0144b1 20w0 99b1 23b0111w1141b1 80w1 28b½7,564,054,57
34Karimov Alimehdi1800AZE 90w1 10b0148w1125b0106w0131b1177w1124b½132w1119w1 64b17,563,551,07
35Isgandarli Mehdi1800AZE232b1 23w0135b½ 99w½147b1141w1 56b½ 80w½119b½130w1 63b17,562,051,55
36Ismayilov Arzu2000AZE105b1 60w1 6b0111w1178b1 7w0 50b1 92w1 27w1 10b0 15w07,077,064,07
37Gasimov Nabi1600AZE156b1 67w½ 72b½ 44w1 16b1 18b0 73w1 19w½ 56b1 28w½ 23w07,076,563,05
38Imamalizada Ramil2000AZE131w1 89b½120w1 14b0126w1 63w1 4b0 31w1 67b1 24w0 60b½7,075,060,56
39Abdulrahmanli Rafig1800AZE177w1148b1 3w0149b1125w1 57b1 11w0 25b1 12w0 15b0111w17,073,560,07
40Mammadova Aytaj1900AZE114w1226b1 10w0 89b1 90w1 5b0 84w1119w1 11b0 23b½ 47w½7,073,560,06
41Talibzada Mirseyyidali2000AZE124w1149b1 26w0140b1 8w0106b1 51w1 22b0 84w1 14w0 88b17,072,058,57
42Azizov Ibrahim1195AZE 80b½136w1218b1 67w1 9b½ 27w0128b1 66w1 22b0 44w1 14b07,071,560,06
43Aghazada Khayal1800AZE236w1 70b1 5w0 65b1 23w0153b1102w1 32w½ 20b½ 25b0 99w17,071,560,06
44Gurbanov Toghrul1800AZE113w1 22b0159w1 37b0137w1 90b1 57w1 26b0 65w1 42b0 80b17,071,058,57
45Ismayilov Javid2000AZE244b1 79w0141b1154w1 91b1 10b0 47w½ 53w1 14b½ 48w1 11b07,070,559,06
46Suleymanova Nurtaj1900AZE104w1120b½ 89w½ 8b0132w1150b1 29w1 12b0140w1 26b0 97w17,070,557,06
47Mammadov Tamerlan1800AZE193b1 24w0 96b1105w0216b1103w1 45b½ 54w½ 71b1 64w½ 40b½7,068,557,05
48Mustafayev Shahin1800AZE183w1 13b0114w1100w1 56b1 62b0 79w0144b1 57w1 45b0 82w17,068,556,07
49Aghazada Aykhan1800AZE225b1107w1 17b0110w1105b1 15w0123b½133w1 28b0 53w½112b17,068,056,56
50Nuriyev Boyukagha1800AZE233w1 12b0177w1 32w1 82b1 20b0 36w0145b1 25w0113b1 81b17,067,556,57
51Naghiyev Hafis1800AZE251b1 28w0112b1 30w1 58b1 21w0 41b0146w1 64b0108w1 79b17,067,058,07
52Aghayev Samad1800AZE 70w0229b1106w1226b1 22w0120b½126w1123b1 26w½ 13w0107b17,067,055,56
53Allahverdiyeva Gulshan1700AZE 84w½ 9b0168w1131b1 71w0179b1215w1 45b0 86w1 49b½104w17,067,054,56
54Mirza Nur1155AZE148w0236b1115w1 31b½127w1 4b0 89w1 47b½ 55w0140b1 87w17,066,554,56
55Mehtizada Murad1800AZE207b1 11w0185b1119w0146b1 96w1 81b0108w1 54b1 79w1 13b07,066,054,07
56Ibrahimzade Asmar1207AZE120w0211b1139w1143b1 48w0149b1 35w½ 76b1 37w0 87b½ 78w+7,065,554,05
57Mustafazade Azada1363AZE234b1180w1 77b1178w1 6b0 39w0 44b0151w1 48b0109w1 92b17,064,553,07
58Aghayeva Gulsanam1185AZE126w1140b1 63w0 81b1 51w0 65b0195w1 93b0150w1149b1 94w17,063,052,07
59Mahayev Abdulgadir1800AZE235w1 3b0131w½126b0 70w0242b1114w1179b1124w1 82b½ 98w17,060,049,06
60Abdullali Turgut1600AZE240w1 36b0162w1 86b0196w0188b1 90w1192b1 82w½ 68b1 38w½7,059,049,06
61Asmatli Ruslan1800AZE252w1145b1 12w0124b0121w½126b0160w1159b1123w1 97b½103b17,057,548,56
62Seyidli Mirmohsun1234AZE166b1 74w1 29b1 10b0155w1 48w1 7b½ 14w1 1b0 16w0 31b06,580,566,06
63Karimova Kifayat1700AZE103b1130w1 58b1 15w½ 14w0 38b0 68w0126b1134w1 83b1 35w06,572,559,06
64Sadigova Solmaz1105AZE112b1184w1 2w0151b1 27w0115b½ 95w1 88b½ 51w1 47b½ 34w06,570,556,55
65Alizada Pasham1600AZE 1b0203w1103b1 43w0197b1 58w1 66b0 69w1 44b0 71w½130b16,569,055,56
66Allahyarov Hasan1800AZE144w1205b1 13w0150b1 25w½ 79b½ 65w1 42b0 29w0102b1 70w½6,568,557,05
67Asgarov Ramil1800AZE179w1 37b½ 75w1 42b0217w1 95b1 26w1 3b0 38w0 76b0120w16,568,556,56
68Hasanzada Farid1800AZE254b1 7w0 91b0129w½135b1163w1 63b1 28w0184b1 60w0119b16,566,053,06
69Gurbanov Nijat2000AZE212w1127b½ 93w1 4b0 31w0121b½228w1 65b0153w1120b½131w16,565,052,05
70Abdullayev Agil1400AZE 52b1 43w0 81b0180w½ 59b1 94w½152b0219w1128b1117w1 66b½6,563,553,05
71Mammadov Elnur1139AZE220w1 93b½127w0197w1 53b1 84b½ 87w1 78b0 47w0 65b½139w16,563,053,05
72Gafarov Niyazi1357AZE 95b0225w1 37w½218b1215w1 22b0 93w½ 29b0129b1 84w½134w16,563,052,05
73Safiyev Elvin1167AZE199b0164w1107b1 74w1128b0 88w½ 37b0 95w½121b½125b1132w16,562,551,05
74Suleymanov Hummat1800AZE221w1 62b0205w1 73b0227w1 82b1 16w0196b1101w½ 75b1 32w06,562,051,06
75Jamalova Nazrin1124AZE185b1218w½ 67b0136w1 79b0138w1 88b0216w+102w1 74w0133b16,560,550,55
76Kazimov Azad1800AZE182b0206w1146b0203w1116b1 91w½184b1 56w0133b1 67w1 19b06,560,048,56
77Ahmadov Real1800AZE229w1202b1 57w0157b1 26w0102b0159w½120b0126w+160b1124w16,557,546,55
78Ibadov Azar1800AZE129b1154w1 7b0 29w1123b1 23w1 24b0 71w1 21b0 20w0 56b-6,075,562,06
79Aflaki Emil2000AZE168w1 45b1 20w½ 23b0 75w1 66w½ 48b1 27b0143w1 55b0 51w06,073,561,05
80Hasanli Rufat1235AZE 42w½194b1 4w0 93b1109w½ 89b½115w1 35b½122w1 33b0 44w06,071,558,04
81Rzayev Zahir2000AZE209w1 25b0 70w1 58w0185b1 85b1 55w1 8b0 88w1 29b0 50w06,071,059,06
82Huseynov Huseyn1136AZE 96b1186w1 95b1 3b0 50w0 74w0106b1152w1 60b½ 59w½ 48b06,070,557,05
83Azizov Amin1800AZE163b1146w1 11b0137w1 28b1 24w0133b½ 91w1 32b0 63w0 84b½6,069,557,05
84Taklavi Musa1800AZE 53b½169w1 15b0135w1130b1 71w½ 40b0193w1 41b0 72b½ 83w½6,068,056,04
85Rza Elchin1251AZE216b1 88w1 33b1 17w0122b0 81w0120w1140b0137w1 93b1 27w06,067,555,06
86Aliyev Islam1800AZE 99b1199w1 24b0 60w1 15b0118w0216b½135w1 53b0121w½141b16,067,555,05
87Mammadli Ilkin1800AZE196w1 5b0102w1 22b0228w1125b1 71b0147w½ 91b1 56w½ 54b06,067,555,05
88Soltanov Nihad1800AZE176w1 85b0202w1 98b1 18w0 73b½ 75w1 64w½ 81b0 90b1 41w06,065,554,55
89Sadigova Aynur1700AZE170b1 38w½ 46b½ 40w0164b1 80w½ 54b0163w1130b0 96w½146b16,065,053,54
90Ibadov Marsel1400AZE 34b0121w1152b1192w1 40b0 44w0 60b0116w1154b1 88w0157b16,065,053,06
91Mammadli Emil1600AZE 25w0233b1 68w1142b1 45w0 76b½ 97w1 83b0 87w0180b1101w½6,064,053,55
92Gojayev Mahammadali1800AZE206b1217w1 28b0195w1 13w0177b1124w1 36b0 93w1 30b0 57w06,064,053,06
93Khalilova Maryam1700AZE197b1 71w½ 69b0 80w0182b1129w1 72b½ 58w1 92b0 85w0166b16,063,552,55
94Imanov Elkhan1800AZE201w1 14b0126w½120b0222w1 70b½153w1150b1 23w0144b1 58b06,063,551,55
95Ismayilov Murad1600AZE 72w1198b1 82w0215b½100w1 67w0 64b0 73b½ 98w0194b1143w+6,063,052,54
96Aliyeva Banu1500AZE 82w0167b1 47w0162b1143w1 55b0134w½ 97b0127w1 89b½149w16,063,051,55
97Sharbatov Musa1800AZE243b1100w0105b0206w1112b1 28w½ 91b0 96w1147b1 61w½ 46b06,062,552,55
98Hajiyeva Sabira1180AZE222b1151w1178b0 88w0138b½105w1 31b0121w½ 95b1110w1 59b06,062,551,05
99Alakbarli Tahir1400AZE 86w0181b½211w1 35b½154b1 33w0110b0178w1151b1156w1 43b06,062,551,05
100Akbarov Nuran1279AZE150w1 97b1134w0 48b0 95b0166w1121b½107w½106b1111w0165b16,062,050,55
101Aghayev Elsafar1800AZE230b1178w0195b0241w1165b1110w1118b1 30w0 74b½ 31w0 91b½6,062,050,55
102Karimli Aytaj1500AZE 19b0170w1 87b0245w1152b1 77w1 43b0128w1 75b0 66w0151b16,061,552,06
103Turabli Jalil1600AZE 63w0220b1 65w0159b1226w1 47b0132w0227b+118b1143b1 61w06,061,551,55
104Mammadova Nazrin1900AZE 46b0129w0169b1200w1107b1 29w0147b0148w1146b1141w1 53b06,061,550,56
105Ismayilzada Khadija1500AZE 36w0191b1 97w1 47b1 49w0 98b0143w0149b0214w1155b1187b16,061,050,06
106Ismayilov Mahammadali1600AZE 11b0193w1 52b0231w1 34b1 41w0 82w0232b1100w0162b1142w16,060,550,06
107Baloghlanov Farid1600AZE115w1 49b0 73w0145b1104w0233b1176w½100b½194w1122b1 52w06,060,050,05
108Huseynova Nazrin Isgandar q.1500AZE 18w0250b1143w0168b1140w0226b1109w1 55b0155w1 51b0158w16,059,550,56
109Suleymanov Farid1800AZE231b1 30w0200b1130w½ 80b½ 32w0108b0185w1193b1 57b0150w16,059,049,05
110Yagubova Leyla1700AZE194w0113b1176w1 49b0144w1101b0 99w1122b0196w1 98b0145w16,059,048,06
111Muradova Zarifa1700AZE250w1 18b0188w1 36b0177w0201b1229w1 33b0145w1100b1 39b06,057,548,56
112Huseynova Leyla1500AZE 64w0256b1 51w0194b1 97w0117b0248w+198b1192w1142b1 49w06,057,047,05
113Eyvazli Rufat1400AZE 44b0110w0247b1138w0224b1152w0172b1195b1161w1 50w0154b16,057,046,56
114Naghiyeva Laman1500AZE 40b0224w1 48b0172w0256b1180w½ 59b0218w1136b1138w½152b16,056,546,55
115Hajiyev Ziya1600AZE107b0239w1 54b0189w1172b1 64w½ 80b0130w0163b½193w1156b+6,056,546,54
116Karimov Tural1600AZE 13w0183b1122w0233b1 76w0194b0173w1 90b0204w1190b1140w16,056,545,56
117Amrahli Matin1800AZE241b0244w+228w1123w0133b0112w1146b0177b1200w1 70b0161w16,055,045,05
118Aghayev Mirjahad1600AZE245w1 16b0125w0205b1176w1 86b1101w0142b0103w0200b1144w16,054,544,56
119Ganbarli Hasan1316AZE159w1 27b0132w1 55b1134w1 8b0122w1 40b0 35w½ 34b0 68w05,573,059,55
120Mushtaid-zada Javid1600AZE 56b1 46w½ 38b0 94w1219b½ 52w½ 85b0 77w1156b½ 69w½ 67b05,567,557,03
121Gurbanli Ughur1600AZE 3w0 90b0173w1204b1 61b½ 69w½100w½ 98b½ 73w½ 86b½122w½5,567,554,52
122Hasanov Huseyn1800AZE187b1 1w0116b1147w1 85w1 13b0119b0110w1 80b0107w0121b½5,567,554,05
123Aghayev Nail1600AZE 2w0281b1194w1117b1 78w0134b1 49w½ 52w0 61b0124b0179w15,566,553,05
124Mammadova Yasaman1500AZE 41b0247w1180b1 61w1 19b0219w1 92b0 34w½ 59b0123w1 77b05,565,554,55
125Shikhmammadli Sahib1400AZE253b1 33w0118b1 34w1 39b0 87w0141b0166w1157b1 73w0138b½5,565,553,55
126Ramazanov Ramazan1600AZE 58b0223w1 94b½ 59w1 38b0 61w1 52b0 63w0 77b-183b1181w15,565,055,05
127Mahayeva Zahra1700AZE171b1 69w½ 71b1 9w0 54b0130w1 28b0129w0 96b0217w1182b15,565,054,05
128Ismayilov Ayhan1800AZE204w1 26b0153w1196b1 73w1 12b0 42w0102b0 70w0176b1137w½5,564,552,55
129Bashirli Sahib1400AZE 78w0104b1 8w0 68b½218w1 93b0139w1127b1 72w0132b0180w15,564,552,55
130Babazade Mahammadali1170AZE153w1 63b0161w1109b½ 84w0127b0194w1115b1 89w1 35b0 65w05,564,052,05
131Ismayilova Nafisat1500AZE 38b0171w1 59b½ 53w0180b½ 34w0169b½186w1187b1184w1 69b05,562,551,04
132Bakhshiyev Aghaashraf1600AZE178b0254w1119b0175w1 46b0203w1103b1156w½ 34b0129w1 73b05,561,049,55
133Guliyev Sahmurad1600AZE 10w0204b0210w1248b1117w1155b1 83w½ 49b0 76w0181b1 75w05,561,049,05
134Hasanli Ulvi1800AZE175b1182w1100b1 24w0119b0123w0 96b½217w1 63b0147w1 72b05,560,550,05
135Museyibov Samir1600AZE 20w0221b1 35w½ 84b0 68w0168b1181w1 86b0180w0201b1184b15,559,048,55
136Azadaliyev Jahandar1600AZE 9w½ 42b0181w1 75b0179w0183b1182w0201b1114w0191b1176w15,558,046,05
137Huseynov Nihad1600AZE 5w0235b1249w1 83b0 44b0193w0190b1203w1 85b0171w1128b½5,557,546,05
138Babayev Turan1600AZE 14w0201b0232w1113b1 98w½ 75b0243w1176b0179w1114b½125w½5,556,045,54
139Gulaliyev Agil1600AZE 17b0232w1 56b0182w½163b0221w1129b0169w1217b1167w1 71b05,554,043,55
140Hajiyeva Leyla1700AZE190b1 58w0241b1 41w0108b1 30w0202b1 85w1 46b0 54w0116b05,066,055,05
141Eyvazli Nihad1600AZE 26w0210b1 45w0201b1198w1 35b0125w1155b1 33w0104b0 86w05,064,052,55
142Huseynli Talib1800AZE238b1 6w0216b1 91w0234b1178w1 32b0118w1 13b0112w0106b05,063,552,05
143Rustamov Tayyar1800AZE189b1 21w0108b1 56w0 96b0230w1105b1164w1 79b0103w0 95b-5,063,552,05
144Aliyev Amin1400AZE 66b0172w1237b1 33w0110b0186w1154b1 48w0152b1 94w0118b05,063,551,55
145Gurbanov Huseyn1400AZE173b1 61w0 31b0107w0255b+161b1149w1 50w0111b0178w1110b05,063,051,54
146Zargarov Asgar1600AZE181w1 83b0 76w1155b0 55w0249b1117w1 51b0104w0192b1 89w05,062,051,05
147Jabrayilov Elvin1600AZE 28b0207w1198w1122b0 35w0167b1104w1 87b½ 97w0134b0169b½5,062,050,54
148Taghiyev Rashad1600AZE 54b1 39w0 34b0224w1 29b0172w1151b0104b0208w1154w0197b15,061,550,55
149Abdulov Heydar1600AZE224b1 41w0182b1 39w0193b1 56w0145b0105w1164b1 58w0 96b05,061,050,55
150Mahmudov Kamil1600AZE100b0213w1156b1 66w0237b1 46w0219b1 94w0 58b0170w1109b05,061,050,55

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Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories (variable)