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68. Pojedinacno Prvenstvo Crne Gore

Last update 04.07.2016 18:44:40, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8GMDjukic Nikola922412MNE2551
9GMKosic Dragan900290MNE2498
3GMBlagojevic Dragisa900885MNE2483
10IMKalezic Blazo921815MNE2455
2GMNikcevic Nebojsa901776MNE2451
12IMVujosevic Vladimir901580MNE2365
1Draganic Veljko931306MNE2354
6FMPetijevic Vaso916625MNE2303
7IMNikac Predrag908975MNE2302
5Tomic Aleksandar16501799MNE2279
11Vujacic Igor932620MNE2193
4Karisik Nenad943819MNE2192
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