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XIII Diada dels Escacs de la Societat Coral Colon Sabadell (Event code:140642)

Last update 11.09.2016 19:16:22, Creator/Last Upload: rodríguez i font, roger

Player info

NamePellicer Roncero Nestor
Starting rank50
Rating national2054
Rating international1855
Performance rating2032
FIDE rtg +/-30,0
Club/CityMontmelo C.E.
Year of birth 1995


111GMGrigoryan Karen H.26310ARM7,0w 020-1,60
22774Aguilo Cervera Xavier16271867CATSant Feliu C.E.U.C.3,5s 1204,20
33199Salinas Tomas Daniel01395CATBadia, Club Escacs I Cultura3,0w 1
41827FMCapellades Subirana Marc21522318CATPeona I Peo, C.E.6,0s 020-3,00
52880Grasa Solanas Oscar15910ESP3,0w 1203,60
61725FMAvila Jimenez Xavier22012321CATEscola D'escacs De Barcelona5,0s 020-2,20
72668Carrete Recasens Jordi16991903CATJuneda C.E.3,5w 1205,80
81729Jareno Badenas Aleix20752227CATColon Sabadell Chessy5,0s 12015,60
91226Oliva Valero Oscar21972307CATColon Sabadell Chessy5,5s ½207,60
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