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Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup of the President of Kazakhstan

Last update 19.06.2016 13:40:10, Creator/Last Upload: kazakhstan chess federation (license 2)

Player info

NameGelfand Boris
Starting rank5
Rating national0
Rating international2792
Performance rating2737
FIDE rtg +/--26,8
Year of birth 1968


1558GMHarika Dronavalli2443IND12,5w 1
2558GMHarika Dronavalli2443IND12,5s 1
3331GMKazhgaleyev Murtas2635KAZ12,5s ½
4331GMKazhgaleyev Murtas2635KAZ12,5w ½
5930GMJobava Baadur2635GEO15,5w 1
6930GMJobava Baadur2635GEO15,5s 0
71442GMPotkin Vladimir2564RUS12,5s 0
81442GMPotkin Vladimir2564RUS12,5w 1
91432GMFressinet Laurent2630FRA11,5w ½
101432GMFressinet Laurent2630FRA11,5s 1
11843GMMegaranto Susanto2557INA14,0s 1
12843GMMegaranto Susanto2557INA14,0w 1
1357GMGrischuk Alexander2766RUS13,0w ½
1457GMGrischuk Alexander2766RUS13,0s ½
1552GMLe Quang Liem2805VIE13,0w ½
1652GMLe Quang Liem2805VIE13,0s 0
17821GMVallejo Pons Francisco2686ESP13,0s ½
18821GMVallejo Pons Francisco2686ESP13,0w ½
19940GMGunina Valentina2571RUS12,0s 1
20940GMGunina Valentina2571RUS12,0w 1
21519GMPonomariov Ruslan2695UKR14,0s ½
22519GMPonomariov Ruslan2695UKR14,0w ½
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