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Pionirsko prvenstvo Crne Gore u sahu - PIONIRI U14

Last update 17.06.2016 16:41:30, Creator/Last Upload: Montenegro Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Pobor Milo16503589MNE1902SK Crnogorac
2Vuckovic Marko16501870MNE1834SK Omladinac Buducnost
3Alivodic Dario16501632MNE1804SK Omladinac Buducnost
4Sukovic Darko16502329MNE1751SK Omladinac Buducnost
5Vujovic Savo16504020MNE1697SK Crnogorac
6Andjelic Djordje16502094MNE1670SK Mladost
7Kalezic Bojan16502698MNE1667SK Mladost
8Miletic Vuk16503406MNE1574SK Mladost
9Djurovic Peko16503902MNE1414SK Crnogorac
10Aleksic FilipMNE0SK Niksic
11Bajagic DjordjeMNE0SK Mladost
12Cacic MatijaMNE0OSS Pljevlja
13Colovic UgljesaMNE0OSS Pljevlja
14Curovic Dragan16504747MNE0SK Trebjesa
15Draskovic Aleksandar16502027MNE0OSS Pljevlja
16Janjusevic AndrijaMNE0OSS Pljevlja
17Jocovic Vladimir16504410MNE0SK Trebjesa
18Kovacevic Dragoljub16502701MNE0SK Niksic
19Latkovic Matija16503953MNE0SK Crnogorac
20Latkovic VasilijeMNE0SK Crnogorac
21Milovic IlijaMNE0SK Omladinac Buducnost
22Mostrokol Matija16503970MNE0SK Crnogorac
23Perkovic ZaharijeMNE0OSS Pljevlja
24Pupovic PavleMNE0OSS Pljevlja
25Rolovic PetarMNE0SK Crnogorac
26Sredanovic MatejMNE0Omladinac Buducnost
27Svrkota DimitrijeMNE0OSS Pljevlja
28Zarkovic DusanMNE0SK Mladost
29Zarkovic MarkoMNE0SK Mladost