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Omladinsko prvenstvo Crne Gore u sahu - Omladinci U20

Last update 17.06.2016 12:08:45, Creator/Last Upload: Montenegro Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Tomic Aleksandar16501799MNE2279SK Mladost
2Sukovic Andrej16502310MNE2040SK Omladinac Buducnost
3Cirovic Miroljub16502868MNE1950OSS Pljevlja
4Mandic Stefan16501578MNE1884SK Mimoza
5Tosic Danilo16500679MNE1871SK Dijagonale
6Krstonijevic Bozidar944653MNE1795SK Rudar
7Sokolovic Amel16503627MNE1619OSS Pljevlja
8Markovic Slobodan Z16503287MNE1599OSS Pljevlja
9Radosevic Pavle16501985MNE1554OSS Pljevlja
10Pobor Danilo16502850MNE1488SK Crnogorac
11Aloric VladanMNE0OSS Pljevlja
12Knezevic Vasilije16501551MNE0OSS Pljevlja
13Ljeskovic Luka16504160MNE0SK Niksic