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NOVE NADE SAHA 2016 (amateri)

Last update 11.06.2016 20:00:06, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of central Serbia

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Starting rank

1Marinkov Svetislav936405SRB1865
2Koscal Lazar980110SRB1441
3Baralic VukSRB1000
4Boskovic MilanSRB1000
5Bukvic BrankoSRB1000
6Kekic VladimirSRB1000
7Koscal BorisSRB1000
8Ljustina BogdanSRB1000
9Lukic Dusan964980SRB1000
10Mitrovic MilicaSRB1000
11Mitrovic MilutinSRB1000
12Mitrovic SvetozarSRB1000
13Ognjanovic OgnjenSRB1000
14Popovic DragoljubSRB1000
15Saric MiroslavSRB1000
16Savic Dunja979988SRB1000
17Sekulic MirjanaSRB1000
18Stankovic AndreaSRB1000
19Stefanovic NikolaSRB1000
20Vuckovic IvanSRB1000
21Baralic OgnjenSRB1000
22Ilic MilenkoSRB1000
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