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NOVE NADE SAHA 2016 (deca do 18 godina)

Last update 11.06.2016 20:01:54, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of central Serbia

Starting rank list of players

1Radovanovic Mihajlo940313SRB2366
4Rajkovic Mladen930660SRB2335
2FMIvic Velimir950122SRB2280
10Arsic Djordje901148SRB2232
6Perovic Zivojin926205SRB2219
8WFMInjac Teodora932400SRB2185
9Savic Mihailo S919934SRB2093
3Rakic Teodora912573SRB2033
7Krstic Milos954888SRB1966
5Bilic Milanko966843SRB1826