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EVIZ Grand Prix Final 2016

Last update 05.06.2016 11:19:52, Creator/Last Upload: penangchessassociation

Starting rank

1Ng Tze HanMAS2002Open
2Lim Wei ShengMAS1754Open
3Tan Eu HongMAS1741Open
4Sim Jia RuMAS1620Open
5Chua Kian MengMAS1617Open
6Chin Yi HaoMAS1485Open
7Ng Ern YiMAS1403Open
8Yam Chen HuaiMAS1302Open
9Lim Zhi ZhunMAS1272Open
10Lim Cheng LunMAS1232Open
11Lim Zhun WingMAS1212Open
12Chew Ge YinMAS1193Open
13Lee Kok TsanMAS1146Open
14Chong Ren HaoMAS0Open
15Iris Chieng Shiao YuMAS0Open
16Norazwan KMAS1585Open