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Круговой турнир с нормой третьего

Last update 14.06.2016 15:24:29, Creator/Last Upload: makhnev vladimir (russia, kimry)

Starting rank list of players

2Ivanova Anna54101930RUS1318
3 Sadovy Lev44105410RUS1268
4 Balanin Pavel44154941RUS1258
5 Burov Vyacheslav44105371RUS1246
6 Slepchenko Kaspar34124494RUS1211
7Lidonova Elena44184956RUS1125
8Gulin Artem34140945RUS1008
1 Lashko Maksim24263060RUS0
9Andreeva Anna54139414RUS0
10Telitsyna Eva54136202RUS0
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