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Felix Cup 2009 XXIV. Edition

Last update 02.06.2009 16:44:25, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 7)

Player info

NameFugulyan Grigore
Starting rank33
Rating national0
Rating international2005
Performance rating1683
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Club/CityCS Lacul Ursu Sovata
Year of birth 1961


13281Muresan Petru479ROUCs Al Municipiului Baia M2,5s 1
244IMButunoi Alexandru-Victor2396ROUMedicina Timisoara6,5w 0
31955Pavelescu Dumitru-Stefan1788ROUCs Sah Club Potaissa Turd4,0s 1
42085Borodi Cosmin-Alin401ROUCs Sah Club Potaissa Turd5,0w 0
52057Stilpeanu Nicolae1761ROUAcs Sah Chindia Targovist3,0s 1
62051Pop Ioan1787ROUCs Sah Club Potaissa Turd3,5w 1
71424Miron Ionel2061ROUCm De Sah Alba Iulia4,0s 1
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