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2016 Ayr Chess Congress - FIDE Open

Last update 29.05.2016 21:02:12, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd TB1 
1IMOrr Mark J L2160IRL 19w1 6b½ 17w½ 12b1 8w14,0
2Findlay David John2126SCO 29w½ 21b1 31w1 13b1 3w½4,0
3Abdulla Murad2056SCO 30w1 28b1 5w1 2b½4,0
4Green Andrew D2135SCO 29b1 12w½ 17b1 5w½3,5
5Birkett Richard2045SCO 33w1 24b1 8w1 3b0 4b½3,5
6White Stuart A2014ENG 7b1 1w½ 13b0 27w1 24b13,5
7Floros Antonios1816SCO 6w0 19b½ 29w1 25b1 16w13,5
8WFMBamber Elaine2066SCO 20b1 22w1 5b0 18w1 1b03,0
9Nickl Klaus2061AUT 21w½ 31b0 34w1 19b1 11w½3,0
10Malkin Jamie2026SCO 30b½ 27w½ 32b½ 20w½ 26b13,0
11Donohue Tom2011SCO 13w0 22b1 32w1 9b½3,0
12Pannwitz Kai1826SCO 25b1 14w½ 4b½ 1w0 28b13,0
13Turner Max N1760ENG 11b1 6w1 2w0 14b½3,0
14Coffey Patrick2177SCO 12b½ 24w0 29b1 13w½2,5
15Grant Alan G2139SCO 28b½ 26w½ 27b½ 24w½ 18b½2,5
16Rutherford William2050SCO 22b0 20w½ 21b1 28w1 7b02,5
17Koehn Lennart1968SCO 23w½ 34b1 1b½ 4w0 20b½2,5
18Marks Ian A1959SCO 32w½ 26b1 8b0 15w½2,5
19Gray Euan1955SCO 1b0 7w½ 30b1 9w0 32b12,5
20Ridge Michael1898SCO 8w0 16b½ 23w1 10b½ 17w½2,5
21Jelfs Alan1880SCO 9b½ 2w0 16w0 34b1 31w12,5
22Giulian Rosemary A1864SCO 16w1 8b0 11w0 33b12,5
23Berera Siddharth1514SCO 17b½ 28w0 20b0 30w1 33w12,5
24Mcpheator Gary0SCO -1 5w0 14b1 15b½ 6w02,5
25Brown Steven A2021SCO 12w0 33b1 7w0 27b½2,0
26Tsang Sai Kong1914SCO 15b½ 18w0 31b1 10w02,0
27Bond Alexander0SCO 10b½ 15w½ 6b0 25w½2,0
28Malkin Kenneth1927SCO 15w½ 23b1 3w0 16b0 12w01,5
29Doyle James1917SCO 2b½ 4w0 7b0 14w0 -11,5
30Dabos - Doukas Ioannis1834SCO 10w½ 3b0 19w0 23b0 34w11,5
31Kleboe James P R1811SCO 9w1 2b0 26w0 21b01,5
32Smith Callum1661SCO 18b½ 10w½ 11b0 19w01,5
33Robinson Stephen1844SCO 5b0 25w0 -1 22w0 23b01,0
34Macrae James S1686SCO 17w0 9b0 21w0 30b00,5

Tie Break1: points (game-points)