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Pafos Chess Festival 2016 - Blitz Tournament

Last update 20.05.2016 13:15:37, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank list of players

9Markidis Konstantinos4203500GRE2324
12FMKlerides Paris5900158CYP2319Larnaca
7Isaakidis Alexandros5903076CYP1965Paphos
10Yiapanis Giorgos5901219CYP1959Paphos
14Nicolaou Konstantinos5901162CYP1956Paphos
8Sofokleous Demetris5901936CYP1944Paphos
5Nabil Michael5902002CYP1872Limassol
4Mantzios Vassilis5901154CYP1801Paphos
11Georgiou Andreas5900360CYP1769PASYDY-Nicosia
3Papanikolaou Phedias5901170CYP1762Paphos
15Vorkas Antreas5902177CYP1541Paphos
2Antoniou Giorgos5901030CYP0Paphos
1Chatzinov Konstantinos5903564CYP0Limassol
13Savva Hristoforos4262336GRE0Paphos
6Savva Marios4262344GRE0Paphos