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Sudan Final Championship

Darrera actualització14.06.2016 17:24:51, Creador/Darrera càrrega: maher musa

Llista del rànquing inicial

10CMNadir Samir12200085SUD21910
4Abdelazeez Mohamed Abdalla12202576SUD21820
3FMTagelsir Abubaker12200875SUD21430
1Ahmed Hassan Ahmed12201588SUD21420
5Hassan Abubaker Ali12201685SUD21330
9CMElobeid Asim Ali12200190SUD21070
2Osman Abdelgadir12200026SUD21050
11Ali Obay12200123SUD20710
6Yousif Ammar Mohd.12200069SUD20550
8CMElnasri Mohammed12200883SUD20020
7Hamed Mohamed12200948SUD19190