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Sommarschacket etapp 1

Senast uppdaterad09.05.2016 21:24:33, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Lista över spelare

10Andreasson Ingvar1700294SWE2323
7Naglic Zdenko1712047SWE1692
11Bjureblad Martin1717928SWE1613
5Andersson Stig1731971SWE0
6Ben Saeid Aria1741691SWE0
1Gustavsson Andreas 19801738895SWE0
9Linden Leif1724711SWE0
2Rasti Arvin1741160SWE0
8Shchetinin Oleg1740210SWE0
3Sjolander Anders1711903SWE0
4Strom - Engdahl Alexander1741586SWE0