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XXXIX Open Internacional de Barberà del Vallès "A"

Last update 12.07.2016 21:58:30, Creator/Last Upload: alexandra muratet carmona

Player info

NameIniyan P
Starting rank30
Rating national0
Rating international2346
Performance rating2465
FIDE rtg +/-32,6
Year of birth 2002


12979Lucas Leon Angel20202008ESP1,5s 1
256GMArizmendi Martinez Julen Luis25012499ESP5,5w ½
31481Gaikwad Siddhant20030IND5,0s ½
41863MKPovill Claros Xavier21222107ESP4,0w 1
5915IMSwayams Mishra24570IND6,0s 0
61967Martin Perez Laura21042096ESP4,5w 1
71017FMLi Di24260CHN5,5s 1
854GMShyam Sundar M.25260IND6,0w 1
923GMGrigoryan Karen H.25360ARM6,5w ½
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