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Rapid Oostkamp 29-04

Last update 02.05.2016 22:06:09, Creator/Last Upload: kbsk brugge

Starting rank

1IMPiceu Tom201952BEL2394362
2Barzeele Raf204455BEL2036
3Gallein PeterBEL2033
4Rogiers Jonny220361BEL1853
5Martens Geert250163BEL1808320
6Verschilde MarcBEL1799362
7Jacobus PolBEL1732
8Laforce RobertBEL1726362
9Vertenten Eduard230014BEL1717
10Decommer DickBEL1713362
11Pu Linden220019BEL1684303
12Vanhee Dirk249629BEL1426
13Maertens FrankBEL1205