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22. Prvenstvo Crne Gore za mlade - B12

Last update 02.05.2016 17:27:41, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Andjelic Djordje16502094MNE1670
2Vukovic Nemanja16502817MNE1669
3Bajovic JovanMNE0
4Djukanovic VasilijeMNE0
5Knezevic Dimitrije16504429MNE0
6Kovacevic Dragoljub16502701MNE0
7Kovacevic Jovan16502809MNE0
8Latkovic Matija16503953MNE0
9Mijuskovic VukoMNE0
10Miletic LukaMNE0
11Mostrokol Matija16503970MNE0
12Musikic StefanMNE0
13Pobor Milo16503589MNE0
14Prelevic FilipMNE0
15Vujisic UrosMNE0
16Vujovic Savo16504020MNE0
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