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6th "DHAMSO" International Chess Festival 2016

Last update 03.05.2016 12:15:38, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMSangma Rahul2311IND 23w1105b1 21w1 10b1 12w1 30b1 2w1 13b1 5w½8,50,054,548,5
2FMPiyumantha M Sasith Nipun1946SRI163w1 28b1 35w1 24b1 83w1 8b1 1b0 9w1 7b18,00,054,548,5
3Amarasinghe A A C B1867SRI296b1 74w1 29b1 15w½ 7w½ 32b1 12w1 4b½ 16w17,50,051,546,0
4Alahakoon Isuru1997SRI287w1 68b1 84w1 12b0101w1 34b1 6w1 3w½ 19b17,50,050,045,0
5De Silva Osheen1888SRI259w1 93b1 66w1 7b0148w1 31b1 14w1 18b1 1b½7,50,049,545,0
6Thiyasara K T Thisen1765SRI292b1 94w1 92b1 36w½ 26b1 16w1 4b0 15w1 23b17,50,049,044,0
7Malhara W.A. Hansana1657SRI152b1 69w1230b1 5w1 3b½ 25w1 13w½ 62b1 2w07,00,052,047,5
8Liyanapathirana Pasan Vindula1866SRI302w1 57b1147w1 31b½ 17w1 2w0 35b1 11w½ 34b17,00,050,545,5
9Fernando J M Marlon P1840SRI195w1 40b1 41w1 32b1 30w0 21b1 83w1 2b0 38w17,00,050,544,5
10Madushanka Harsha1763SRI180b1106w1 37b1 1w0 70b1 27w½ 41b½ 39w1 30w17,00,049,044,0
11Ranmith Wathudura Sanura1764SRI237w1 98b1 49w1 83b0 61w1 40b1 62w½ 8b½ 33w17,00,047,042,0
12Weerasinghe C C1746SRI307b1 99w1 33b1 4w1 1b0 39w1 3b0 41w1 13w½6,50,052,547,5
13Shruthi K.1907IND192b1149w½115b1 22w1 38b1 15w1 7b½ 1w0 12b½6,50,050,546,0
14Lamahewa S1818SRI220b1 73w1 39b1 16w½ 36b½ 22w1 5b0 47w1 29b½6,50,050,044,5
15Lakshitha H H Sasindu1735SRI256w1114b1 52w1 3b½ 42w1 13b0 65w1 6b0 61w16,50,049,044,5
16Thilakarathne D G D Chamil1686SRI160w1 77b1179w1 14b½ 20w1 6b0149w1 83b+ 3b06,50,048,043,5
17Wijesuriya G P Y1546SRI238b1128w1 43b½ 59w1 8b0 28w1 68b16,50,048,043,0
18De Moraes Shamin1807SRI217b1151w1 47b1 31w½ 49b1 30w1 5w0 22b½6,50,047,543,0
19De Silva Udara Sandesh1752SRI268w1178b1 65w1 30b0 46w½ 72b1 51w1 20b1 4w06,50,047,543,0
20Sandeepa H Niruksha Akshith1851SRI313b1129w1 53b1 38w½ 16b0 50w1 48b1 19w0 32w16,50,047,542,5
21Kanakarathne S Nevinka De Silva1450SRI134b1 78w1 1b0117w1 95b1 9w0 68b½ 64w1 71b16,50,047,542,5
22Mihiranga K A Rajitha1528SRI267w1123b1 58w1 13b0105w1 14b0 40w1 52b1 18w½6,50,047,042,0
23Chandrasiri Vajira Saroj0SRI 1b0318w1261b1230w1 37b½ 75w1 87b1 25w1 6w06,50,046,543,5
24Sanali W A Nathasha1710SRI249b1130w1 54b1 2w0 50b½ 64w½148b1 44w½ 66b16,50,046,542,0
25CMLasitha Subash1771SRI284w1117b1 60w1 42b½ 72w1 7b0147w1 23b0 65w16,50,046,041,5
26Dabarera G W D M1521SRI172w1 86b½104w1 44b1 6w0 52b½ 58w1 61b½ 69w16,50,046,041,0
27Basith M N Abdul1430SRI168w1 96b½ 90w1111b1 85w½ 10b½ 71w½ 62b+6,50,045,040,0
28Seneka M W Thenumi1205SRI234b1 2w0134b1193w1 35w½ 17b0152b1 87w1 63b16,50,044,540,5
29Jayanath K M G Chanaka1422SRI236w1139b1 3w0108b½ 90w½ 97b1106w1 67b1 14w½6,50,044,539,5
30Kavinda Akila1986SRI293b1 64w1153b1 19w1 9b1 1w0 18b0 53w1 10b06,00,052,047,0
31WCMJayaweera Sayuni Gihansa1569SRI215b1 71w1 56b1 8w½ 18b½ 5w0 43b½100w1 44b½6,00,049,544,5
32Nirmalarajah S1553SRI216b1 89w1135b1 9w0 43b1 3w0 95b1 54w1 20b06,00,048,043,0
33Pathirana Malan1337SRI327w+ 91b1 12w0158b1127w1 85b½ 42w1 11b06,00,047,543,0
34Chathuranga K Sahan1684SRI 82w1232b1 88w½100b1 4w0 70b1 49b1 8w06,00,047,542,5
35Goyumi Sasika M W1431SRI316b1 80w1 2b0114w1 28b½ 73w1 8w0110b½ 98w16,00,046,542,0
36Gunarathna D A Viraj Darshana1551SRI132w1103b1 50w1 6b½ 14w½ 62b0 61w0123b1 95w16,00,046,541,5
37Yogananth Y1341SRI262w1 67b1 10w0 76b1 23w½104b1 85w½ 38b0 90w16,00,046,541,5
38Madusanka L D P1717SRI206w1120b1118w1 20b½ 13w0179b1 37w1 9b06,00,046,041,5
39Fernando T Upul Sampath1375SRI146w1213b1 14w0139b1 57w1 12b0130w1 10b0103w16,00,046,041,0
40Silva Dewalamuni Achela1193SRI223b1 9w0194b1157w1 92b1 11w0 22b0108w1 84b16,00,044,540,5
41Liyanage B K D1385SRI240b1188w1 9b0182w1 93b½ 77w1 10w½ 12b0102w16,00,044,040,0
42Priyanath W D Tharaka1516SRI200b1150w1112b1 25w½ 15b0 74w1 33b0 43w½ 93b16,00,044,039,5
43Induwara C Sugith1228SRI260w1264b1 17w½ 45b½ 32w0158b1 31w½ 42b½133w16,00,043,540,0
44De Silva K Shanilka Adithya1334SRI187w1239b1 26w0 90b1103w1 24b½ 31w½6,00,043,539,5
45Jayanka L P P R1446SRI270w1149b1 43w½ 64b½ 46b½ 98w1 69b½ 57w½6,00,043,539,0
46Neranja Gihan1250SRI289b1188w1 19b½ 45w½ 63b½ 55w½ 86b16,00,043,539,0
47Sirimewan K Hasareli1393SRI235w1158b1 18w0108b½144w1115b1 14b0120w16,00,043,038,5
48Ginige Ravindu Avishka1425SRI208b1 96w1 85b0102w1151b1 20w0107b16,00,043,038,0
49Piyumantha M Thisal Manjith1340SRI191b1184w1 11b0181w1 89b1 18w0136b1 34w0 99b16,00,042,538,5
50De Silva R B V Nimsara1242SRI201b1141w1 36b0296w1 24w½ 20b0150w½154b1122w16,00,042,538,0
51Wimalasuriya M Sachithra1373SRI311b½227w1198b1 63w½ 73b½ 86w1 19b0 99w½ 94b16,00,041,037,0
52Ranasinghe Diyana Sithuwanthi1318SRI173b1261w1 15b0112w½167b1 26w½180b1 22w0114b16,00,041,037,0
53Upananda K Y Sasmitha1416SRI233w1154b1 20w0103b½181w1107b1 30b0106w16,00,041,037,0
54Waduge T S H A1313SRI273w1193b1 24w0113b1160w1 32b0 96w16,00,041,037,0
55Katugampola A H1514SRI196w1131b1 83w0 77b½232w1 46b½129w16,00,041,037,0
56Jayasinghe Gagana Pamuditha1280SRI271w1156b1 31w0 76b1 67w0131b1110w16,00,041,037,0
57Indusara M G Janitha1196SRI288b1 8w0297b1183w1 39b0152w½116b1109w1 45b½6,00,040,037,5
58Pathmasiri R D Isuru Saranga1228SRI242b1221w1 22b0180w1 63b0192w1 26b0175w1 85b+6,00,040,036,0
59Apoorwa K G Nethmi1284SRI314b1207w1 17b0113w½121b1 86w½ 89b16,00,040,036,0
60Dissanayaka M A P Mihiranga1349SRI165b1202w1 25b0 89w0200b1108w1 71b0181w1115b16,00,039,535,5
61Yasaranga B H Thisari1263SRI318b1203w1 63b½286w½ 11b0 80w1 36b1 26w½ 15b05,50,045,541,5
62De Silva Elath Mathanga1958SRI125b1 94w1179b1 36w1 11b½ 7w0 27w-5,50,045,541,0
63Karunanayake H M1554SRI204w1102b1 61w½ 51b½ 58w1 83b0 46w½149b1 28w05,50,045,040,5
64Nethsara R Navod1218SRI306w1 30b0213w1 67b1 45w½ 24b½ 81w½ 21b0164w15,50,044,541,0
65Jayawickrama U W R K1335SRI297b1161w1 19b0144w1 86b½116w1 15b0 73w1 25b05,50,044,040,0
66Silva K C Kaushitha1423SRI182b1303w1 5b0 97w½ 89w1 93b1 24w05,50,044,040,0
67Nethmina S A Indura0SRI162b1 37w0136b1 64w0182b1117w1 56b1 29w0 70b½5,50,043,539,0
68Vithanage H Yasindu Rashmika1218SRI247b1 4w0246b1161w1 84w0195b1 21w½147b1 17w05,50,043,039,0
69Deshadara Masachchi Sineth1147SRI291w1 7b0168w1147b0165b1203w1 92b1 45w½ 26b05,50,042,538,5
70Bandara D M Dehansa Thiyumalee1250SRI202b1121w1 10w0143b1 34w0111b1 67w½5,50,042,538,0
71Jayathilaka W A Sachini Hansi1146SRI319w1 31b0235w½ 91b½271w1122b1 60w1 27b½ 21w05,50,042,039,0
72Weerasinghe Ruwan Prasanka1331SRI194b1125w½124b1 87w1 25b0 19w0 86b0157w1172b15,50,042,037,5
73Waranga M G Yasasmi1196SRI185w1 14b0132w1156b1 51w½ 35b0155w1 65b0159w15,50,041,537,5
74Kanakarathne Ronira S De Silva1204SRI214w1 3b0266w1133b1147w½ 42b0 91w0233b1169w15,50,041,037,5
75Jayasekara Benul G H Jithnuka1367SRI142b1111w0243b1150w1 23b0104w½152b15,50,040,035,5
76Nayanathara M W Dinithi1035SRI124b½159w1100b½ 37w0269b1 56w0161b1162w½148b15,50,039,535,5
77Mampitiyaarachchi Sarinda S1161SRI279b1 16w0288b1 55w½286b+ 41b0109w0247b1170w15,50,038,535,5
78Thuiyalage Kumodh Damviru1032SRI298w1 21b0239w1101b0209w1148b0119w½155b1153w15,50,037,534,0
79Senamanthila Milani0SRI123w0172b1113w½ 97b0238w1198b½143w½174b1149w+5,50,037,533,5
80Abeysinghe Irushi Layanga0SRI224w1 35b0186w1179b0248w1 61b0209w1151b½147w+5,50,037,033,5
81Gunathilake S T1460SRI309b1112w0265b½259w1232b1 93w½ 64b½ -0150w15,50,036,033,0
82De Silva W Achintha Dilanka0SRI 34b0189w0269b0277w1223b1234w½263b1199w1162b15,50,032,029,0
83Priyankara Chamil2019SRI243b1 95w1 55b1 11w1 2b0 63w1 9b0 16w- -05,00,051,046,0
84Samarasinghe Wayuni Vinara1435SRI258b1167w1 4b0 99w1 68b1 -0 40w05,00,046,542,0
85Padmasiri R S1723SRI280b1312w1 88b½ 48w1 27b½ 33w½ 37b½ -0 58w-5,00,046,041,5
86Jayaweera I G U Subandi1131SRI277b1 26w½109b1 65w½ 51b0 72w1 59b½ 46w05,00,046,041,0
87Egodage Reshan1477SRI246b1 97w1 72b0140w1118b1 23w0 28b0104w½5,00,043,538,5
88Jayawardana K G M S K1329SRI301w1186b1 85w½ 34b½110w½102b½ -05,00,043,039,0
89Jasenthuliyane Vinumi Vidara1135SRI119w1 32b0263w1 60b1 49w0 66b0236w1101b1 59w05,00,042,539,0
90Hetti Arachchige Thisumi S1111SRI315b1109w½ 27b0159w1 29b½ 44w0194b1179w1 37b05,00,042,538,5
91Ranasinghe U G K L K S0SRI107b1 33w0128b½ 71w½145b1 99w½ 74b1 -0105w½5,00,042,537,5
92Devnaka Chamin1357SRI278w1272b1 6w0110b1 40w0131b1 69w0 97b½139w½5,00,042,039,0
93Withanachchi Lasangi Chamodya1201SRI275b1 5w0191b1250w1 41w½ 81b½ 66w0206b1 42w05,00,042,039,0
94De Silva T Dinura Hemjith1185SRI209w1 6b0267w1 62b0258w1125b1 51w05,00,042,039,0
95Guruge Punsandu1223SRI290w1 83b0160w1241b1 21w0163b1 32w0158b1 36b05,00,042,038,0
96Sithumina K T Sithuli1086SRI199b1 27w½ 48b0185w1101b½118w1 54b05,00,042,038,0
97De Silva H Adeepa Virajitha1131SRI122w1 87b0 79w1 66b½ 29w0191b1 92w½109b½5,00,042,037,0
98Baratha Yomal N W A1175SRI276b1 11w0257b1231w0137b1197w1 45b0180w1 35b05,00,041,538,0
99De Silva T Hansi Kavisha1168SRI248w1 12b0196w1 84b0236w1 91b½169w1 51b½ 49w05,00,041,538,0
100Palihakkara Pasindi Imethya1231SRI127w1207b½ 76w½195b1 34w0126b½166w1 31b0138w½5,00,041,537,5
101Geesara K T Risin1308SRI245b1 78w1 4b0 96w½175b½ 89w0215b15,00,041,537,5
102Gunasekara T D Prasadi De Sil1146SRI176b1 63w0189b1153w½ 48b0220w1135b1 88w½ 41b05,00,041,537,5
103Eshan D G Sunera1138SRI299b1 36w0235b1 53w½141w1 44b0156w1 39b05,00,041,537,5
104Dalawella Sanuka Chandul1146SRI311w1 26b0164w1153b1 37w0 75b½170w½ 87b½5,00,041,537,0
105De Silva T H Harshana1220SRI269b1 1w0200b1184w1 22b0180w0137b½173w1 91b½5,00,041,037,5
106Hesanya U W Senuthi1170SRI285w1 10b0245w1141b½199w1 29b0197w1 53b05,00,040,537,0
107Dineth S A Induwara1191SRI 91w0146b1272w1140b0134w1202b1 53w0160b1 48w05,00,040,537,0
108Dilmini U K D T1107SRI254b1153w0212b1 29w½ 47w½ 60b0260w1 40b0190w15,00,040,537,0
109De Silva S S Gayashan1470SRI219w1 90b½ 86w0126b½155w1 77b1 57b0 97w½5,00,040,536,0
110Wickramasinghe Minethma Lasandi1042SRI199b1 92w0201b1230w1 88b½ 35w½ 56b05,00,040,036,0
111Jayalal T Parami Indurangi1069SRI133w1 75b1 27w0149b0119b½214w1 70w0211b15,00,040,036,0
112Omal Weerasinghemudalige Oshadha1074SRI329w+ 81b1 42w0 52b½118w0155b0235w1119b½214w15,00,040,036,0
113Wijerathna M Dinaya Gayansee1095SRI159b½164w½ 79b½124w1 59b½ 54w0138b½205w½189b15,00,040,036,0
114Matteo S Dhanushka1167SRI326w+ 15w0289b1 35b0258w1140b1 52w05,00,039,536,5
115Sethumjith K G Pamuditha1177SRI189b1 13w0238b1154w½184b1 47w0185b1 60w05,00,039,536,0
116Udayanga D P Mayantha0SRI145b1230w0255b1162w1 65b0 57w0204b1130w½5,00,039,535,5
117Tharusith K Hiruna1177SRI328w+ 25w0173b1 21b0208w1 67b0196w1122b0200w15,00,039,535,5
118Adimali Uvindu Nipunitha1286SRI138b1157w1 38b0167w½112b1 87w0 96b0168w1137b½5,00,039,535,0
119Senal W A Hirumina0SRI 89b0152w1143b½128w½121b½111w½ 78b½112w½188b+5,00,039,535,0
120Silva L H V Vinamitha1165SRI197b1 38w0247b1190w1147b0183w1 47b05,00,039,035,5
121Bandara Nadil Akindu0SRI140w1147b0244w1 70b0119w½186b1 59w0124b½212w15,00,039,035,0
122Senevirathne Dharshitha Srimal0SRI 97b0215w1167b0216w1188b1 71w0142b1117w1 50b05,00,039,035,0
123Gunasekara Chaniru Hansana Ab1132SRI 79b1 22w0155b0210w1190b½165w1 36w0191b15,00,039,035,0
124Uduwilaarachchi Oshadha Sankalpa0SRI 76w½126b1 72w0113b0233b1142w½192b½121w½180b15,00,039,035,0
125Vidumini N V V0SRI252w1 72b½ 62w0198b1151w0174b1 94w0132b½206w15,00,038,534,5
126Waduge S S A1008SRI183b½124w0221b1109w½211b1100w½135b½5,00,038,034,0
127Dassanayake W N0SRI100b0242w1210b1135w1 33b0 -0133w0209b1186w15,00,038,034,0
128Liyanage Pasindu Randul1108SRI300w1 17b0 91w½119b½138w½173b½201w½187b15,00,038,034,0
129Tharuki A V G Irushi1198SRI263w1 20b0241w1160b0200w1190b1 55b05,00,037,534,0
130Chandes K Yasindu1160SRI205w1 24b0241w0297b1240b1156w1 39b0159w½116b½5,00,037,534,0
131Nilokshan S G1122SRI169b1 55w0161b0194w1173b1 92w0187b1 56w0201b15,00,037,533,5
132Ekanayake D S0SRI 36b0176w1 73b0212w1203b0299w1230b½125w½179b+5,00,037,533,5
133Tishor S0SRI111b0309w1294b1 74w0192b0240w1127b1136w1 43b05,00,037,034,5
134Hansana G Haritha0SRI 21w0298b1 28w0244b1107b0170w0250b1203w1182b15,00,037,034,0
135Gehara L G Dulni1266SRI229w1244b1 32w0127b0246w½235b1102w0208b1126w½5,00,037,033,5
136Sanjana J K K Uliduni1140SRI239w0278b1 67w0187w1191b1140b1 49w0133b0196w15,00,037,033,5
137Jayarathna Wathsilu Binuwara0SRI147w0251b1 98w0193b1105w½232b1118w½5,00,037,033,0
138Mendis D Udul Dilsara0SRI118w0174b0304w1177b½243w1128b½113w½166b1100b½5,00,036,533,5
139Rupasinghe Sudam Wathsara1074SRI274b1 29w0254b1 39w0184b0242w1189b1148w½ 92b½5,00,036,533,0
140Wijethunga Kehan Hasith0SRI121b0208w1293b1107w1 87b0136w0215b1114w0192b15,00,036,532,5
141Wijesundara W M N0SRI174w1 50b0237w½178b1106w½103b0204w0258b1213w15,00,036,032,5
142Bimsara W Pasindu0SRI171b½ 75w0253b1186w½124b½122w0260b1210w15,00,036,032,5
143Indrapala W Tisath Nethmira1020SRI156w0273b1119w½189b1 70w0 79b½205b15,00,036,032,0
144De Silva L Nemith Semuthu1093SRI193w0187b1205w1 65b0214w1 47b0190w0262b1185w15,00,035,031,5
145Pabasara K A Rathmi1043SRI116w0301b1155w½207b½ 91w0273b1185w0184b1197w15,00,033,530,5
146Kalansuriya Sandushi Thirasar0SRI 39b0107w0315b1210w0218b0274w1261b1221w1181b15,00,033,030,0
147Shouthri Arulrajah1414SRI137b1121w1 8b0 69w1 74b½120w1 25b0 68w0 80b-4,50,045,540,5
148Perera U I Himal1268SRI216b1166w1 5b0 78w1 24w0139b½ 76w04,50,043,539,0
149Dissanayake D M Madushan Sameera1216SRI190w1 13b½ 45w0237b1111w1231b+ 16b0 63w0 79b-4,50,043,039,5
150Rashinhta W G Kavith1096SRI305w1 42b0209w1 75b0164w1 50b½ 81b04,50,042,038,0

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)