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Last update 29.04.2016 14:39:40, Creator/Last Upload: kyrgyzstan chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8Ostry Irina13800060KGZ2195
4Samaganova Alexandra13800221KGZ2048
9Alymbay Kyzy Aizhan13800043KGZ1922
2Samudin Elina13801147KGZ1847
5Omurbekova Diana13800752KGZ1732
7Oljobai Kyzy Alisa13801953KGZ1665
1Musaeva Shakhnazi13801643KGZ1612
3WCMLi Dariia13801651KGZ1423
10Loboda Diana13802321KGZ0
6Zairbek kyzy Begimay13803603KGZ0